E-SPARKS 2020, VIT Bhopal, Technical Symposium, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 15th October 2020

  • Category: Technical Symposium
  • Start Date: 15th October 2020
  • End Date: 15th October 2020
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You have to prepare a presentation by selecting any one of the given topics which contains the present scenario as well as its future aspects and how you can do some innovation in it .
you can form your team of minimum 1 and maximum 5 members
More info as well as register on: https://forms.gle/2tw5bY3rmx9v82HH9
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Presentation in round 1
Model in round 2

Paper Presentation Topics

you can select any one
1) IOT based real time signals (Road as well as railways) considering traffic volume. How will it be useful in preventing accidents? What other benefits can it serve?
2) In this pandemic situation, people are avoiding going out there by using automated machines and robots for sanitization purposes. Design a robot for industrial use as well as household purposes for cleanliness and sanitization, which uses sensors and camera for obstacle avoidance and recognize places by creating a virtual map, reducing human effort and risk of getting infected.
3) Future of satellite communication
i. How communication will be in future ,
ii. Role in the modern era warfare technique that can take place through it i.e., How the war can be fought through satellites also what will be the consequences or effect of it.
4) Paper battery.
5) Blue eyes technology, the aim of the blue eyes technology is to give human power or abilities to a computer so that the machine can naturally interact with human beings as humans interact with each other, through speech, facial expressions and touch.
6) Virtual Reality 1. Uses 2. Helpful boon or bane a. In the time of Covid-19 weather online classes is good or bad, how much helpful it is for students. Include VR in it and relate how it will help to solve the problem faced in online classes.
7) Present your model idea on improving quality and quantity of crops: Main goal is to increase productivity by using various techniques and smart usage of chemicals on crop for chemical free food. So, design a model to yield chemical free and improved quantity crop.
8) Present your model idea on human security: During earthquakes or any other reason humans usually struck inside the buildings and walls. This is very difficult to identify them. So, design a model to identify them.
9) Non visible imaging -A non-invisible image is referred to radiation system where the image is obtained without any visible radiation of the object. To get a satisfactory resolution from the image that is formed with the help of the invisible radiation, the image can be enhanced too.
10) Present your model idea on air defence system: Saving your city or country against an enemy missile or aircraft attack. So, design a model to blast or misguide the upcoming missile or aircraft.

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Spark to future electronics

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Presentation with innovation

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