Heat Pipes for Solar Thermal Applications 2020, VIT University Chennai Campus, Technical Seminar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 1st February 2020

  • Category: Technical Seminar
  • Start Date: 1st February 2020
  • End Date: 1st February 2020
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Heat Pipes for Solar Thermal Applications 2020


In recent years the use of solar thermal devices is continuously in demand. The solar thermal plays a vital role in the field of green energy utilization. In that context, the performance improvement of solar thermal devices using Heat Pipes results in zero pollution and utilizes green power. To understand the enhanced heat transfer of heat pipes the internal physics involved needs to be studied.
Heat pipes are surface tension devices, their performance is close to superconductors. The thermal management system of electronic gadgets also uses heat pipes to improve the performance of electronic components. In-depth knowledge about the heat transfer phenomenon involved in heat pipe is necessary to carry out the R&D activities, on the application of heat pipes in solar thermal devices.


Session 1: Introduction to Heat Pipes.
Session 2: Application of CFD for Heat pipes.
Session 3: Solar Thermal Devices
Session 4: Application of Heat pipes in Solar Thermal Devices.
Session 5: Demo in Heat Transfer Lab

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