Wissenaire 2020, IIT Bhubaneswar, Technical Festival, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 31st January - 2nd February 2020

  • Category: Technical Festival
  • Start Date: 31st January 2020
  • End Date: 2nd February 2020
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Wissenaire 2020


Wissenaire is a 3-day event held at IIT-Bhubaneswar from January 31-February 2.With a commendable history of nine successful editions, the 10th edition of Wissenaire in 2020 aims at a much bigger success with its theme ‘“Cosmic Expeditions: Astounding Odysseys Ensuring Humanity’s Existence”.With a well-rounded collection of competitions, workshops, exhibitions, star nites, quizzes and Colloquia in the fields of programming, robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, designing, management and lectures by several distinguished luminaries from diverse spheres of education services, it is one of the most awaited fests in East India.

TEDx Speakers

2. ANWESHA MISHRA (Founder of Rays of Smiles)
3. AJAY KUMAR REDDY ( Caption of Indian National Blind Cricket Team)
4. NAVELI DESHMUKH (Model, Miss Universe India 2nd Runner Up)
5. SWAYAM PRAKASH BARAL ( Entrepreneur and Social Worker)

Building Planning Design and Analysis using Industry-grade software (6th - 10th Jan)

Introduction to 3-D drafting and walkthrough design.
Geometry site creation using real time data from field surveying.
Introduction to Building Information Modelling ( BIM ).
4D, 5D & 6D concept of BIM and its application.
Cost and time analysis.
Risk analysis, forecasting, monitoring and controlling.
Landscape design using land surveyors data.
Project Planning, Risk Identification and Mitigation.
Budget finalization and analysis of project.
Student will create a 3D walkthrough design using Industrial CAD software.

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1. Drone Challenge
2. Trekkon
3. Robo Wars
4. Maze Solver
5. Kick Off
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

1. Counter Cypher
2. Blind Coding
3. Cad - Ed
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

1. Electrical
2. Computer Science
3. Mechanical
4. Civil
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

4. ON - NET
1. Sherlock
2. Shutter
3. Scientoons
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

1. Electrade
2. Electronics
3. Smart City Challenge
4. Replica
5. Stimulant
6. Maths Olympiad
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

1. Auction War
2.Mad - Ads
3. Pioneers Plan
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

1. COD 4 Modern Warfare
2. Counter Strike Global Offensive
Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org


Wissenaire organizes certain two-day (Feb 01 and Feb 02) workshops on various topics like:

1. Web Development - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
2. Social Media Marketing & SEO - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
3. Mercedes Engine Analysis - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
4. loT with Google Assistant - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
5. Hexapod - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
6. Big Data & Data Analytics - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
7. Bridge Design - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org
8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Registration Linkwww.wissenaire.org

Event Caption

Education runs free

Event Theme

Cosmic Expeditions: Astounding Odysseys Ensuring Humanity’s Existence


IIT Bhubaneswar Guest House

How to reach IIT Bhubaneswar

34KM from Bhubaneswar Airport.
7 Km from Khurdha Road Junction

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