Techkriti 2019, IIT Kanpur, Annual Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 7-10th March 2019

Event Name
Techkriti 2019

Annual Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival

IIT Kanpur

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Event Dates
7-10th March 2019

Event Details:

Techkriti is the annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and one of the largest Technical festival in Asia with a footfall of 60K and 3 lakh eyeballs. This year Techkriti’s silver jubilee edition will be held on 7-10th March 2019. Techkriti in its previous years has witnessed prominent personalities like Peter Grunberg(Nobel Prize in Physics), John C. Mather(Nobel prize in Physics), Alvin E. Roth(Nobel prize in Economics), Anthony Leggett(Nobel prize in Physics), Dr Lyndon Evans (Director, CERN), Dr. Jorge Cham(Roboticist and Cartoonist), Dr. Walter Lewin( Astrophysicist, MIT), Marshall Strabala (Architect of Burj Khalifa), Dr. K C Nicolaou (Wolf Prize Winner, Chemistry), Lt Dr A P J Abdul Kalam (Former Honourable President of India), Dr Hamid Karzai (Former Honorable President of Afghanistan) and so many more, sharing their profound knowledge and experiences with the most diverse representation from every corner of the country. Techkriti was also graced with the presence of top-notch artists like Sonu Nigam(Playback singer), Willy Williams (French DJ, record producer and singer), Poets of the fall(Finnish rock band), Farhan Akhtar(Director, producer, actor, screenwriter), Biswa Kalyan Rath(stand up comedian), Piyush Mishra(actor, music director, singer) and many more who brought of waves of ecstasy and exuberance through their enthralling shows.

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Events List in Techkriti 2019, Kanpur:

A) Tech Summit on Industry 4.0

B) Competitions:-
1) Robogames:
Autonomous Driving Robot (Lane following and obstacle avoidance)
2) Take Off:
Skysparks (Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition - North)
3) Software Corner:
International Online Programming Contest (IOPC)
Capture The Flag (CTF)
Code Golf
4) Technovation:
Techkriti Innovation Challenge
Soccon or SOCialCONquest
Industry Institute Interaction (I.I.I)
5) ECDC:
6) Techkriti Grand Prix
7) Business Events:
Best Manager
Marketing Villa
Sup Operati
8) Entrepreneurial Events:
Upstart Pioneer
Pitch Premier
Social Track
9) Mixed Bowl
IORC (Indian Open Rubik's Cube)
10) Design Events
Bridge Design Challenge
Egg Drop Challenge
Tiny House Challenge

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Workshops in Kanpur:

Ethical Hacking
Internet of Things
Android App Development
Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Python Programming

Paper Presentation Topics:

A) I.I.I. :
1. “Sustainability Through ECO Design of Buildings”
2. "ECO Friendly Building Construction"
3. “Reducing CO2 Emission Through Green Building Design".

B) Soccon :
Most of the policies of the government (National Literacy Mission Programme, Saakshar Bharat, Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), Midday Meal Scheme and, Free Bicycles Program Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) have been around since 1988. India has achieved the 74.04% literacy rate, now is it due to these schemes or due to low bar for passing someone for a literate? What have been the significant challenges in the implementation of these policies? And how to tackle them?

With the increasing number of workplace behavioural issues around the globe and victims coming out of the shadows it is high time for ethical and acceptable norms for civic behaviour in the workplace. However, peer behaviour is an intricate part of defining workplace environment which in turn affects the efficiency of the workforce. Propose a plan, public policy, private policy, law, awareness campaign, or any other method to curb the plight of downtrodden.

Today we face widespread labour displacement caused by automation, a dangerous level of wealth inequality, climate change threatening to cause massive loss of stability, political polarization, and more. Though we face numerous problems, there is a policy solution which would help to alleviate many of these issues.

Universal basic income: a periodic cash payment to individuals which is paid out to every citizen of a country with no means test. A livable universal basic income would, alongside programs for other essentials such as healthcare and education, solve many of the largest problems facing our society today.

Discuss the challenges and innovative solutions for implementing UBI for lifting millions of people out of poverty such as promoting entrepreneurship within the marginal sections of society.

Jubilation broke out among India’s sexual minorities as the country’s top court decriminalised gay sex. Now, the law and guaranteed the right to equality, sparking celebrations among India’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Still much needs to be done before achieving acceptance and equality.

The LGBT community welcomed the move, but still, there is little access to job opportunities and services like healthcare, education and housing to this section of society. There was a need to make them more inclusive so that they also enjoy the same social status as other Indians. Propose innovative ideas/plans/policies for the inclusion of LGBTQ community a new normal in our society to contribute to India’s inherent strength.

With Passing of FEO Bill 2018 and IBC code, 2015 India has finally addressed its soaring enigma of NPAs. We have started our journey to address this issue yet we are a long way from our goal. Propose policy remodellings, implementation tactics, technical and principle safeguards, GAAP principle alterations, Indian Accounting Standard Changes (e.g., shortcomings of AS 14), or changes in handling any of the financial instruments.

Today sport emerges as an essential component of the Socio-economic development of a country. The active participation in sports improves community health and productivity, reduces medical expenses, imbibes discipline in character, generates great leaders, and enhances social cohesion. A country is glorified by the medals/titles won by its athletes in the international event. India- the second largest populous country in the world, regardless of which it lacks behind in big leagues. What an individual or private or government organization can do to improve sports culture in India.

Techkriti 2019 Pro Shows :

EDM Night Bollywood Night Comedy Night

Event Co-ordinators:

Yazur Gupta
Festival Coordinator

Fest Mail ID:


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How to reach IIT Kanpur, Kanpur:

Kanpur is well connected through Rail, Road, and Air link. IIT Kanpur is located on Delhi-Kolkata GT Road about 16 Kms from Kanpur Central Railway Station. Taxi (Rs. 150-170) and auto (Rs. 90-100) services are available from the railway station on hire. The nearest airport is in Lucknow (90 KM). Direct Taxis (about Rs. 1000-1400) from Lucknow Airport to IIT Campus are available on hire.

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