I-ENTROIDO 2k18, Panimalar Engineering College, Technical Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 28th February 2018

  • Category: Technical Symposium
  • Start Date: 28th February 2018
  • End Date: 28th February 2018
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Panimalar Engineering College proudly presents it's symposium


1) The student can participate in all the events but the college does not give any guarantee that
the events will not clash.
2) Students can use the college bus facility for the purpose of commutation.
3) The registration closes at 9AM.
4) The students should bring their college ID card.


 Students are invited to compete individually or in teams of up to three student members.
 Institute can represent multiple teams.
 Each team can present upto two different application.

For the mobile app presentation, teams need to bring :-
1) Application file formats (.Xml, .Java).
2) Short description of usefulness, technical approach & tools used while developing the
application must be given.
3) Demo should be shown in Mobile as well as in PC’s.
4) Students are allowed to bring laptop’s (if needed).
Selection Criteria:-
1) The team should show their app in phones as well as in system for explanation.
2) The team should bring the codes and explain their functionalities.
3) The team must be ready to give practical applications of their project.
4) The selection will be done on the basis of best innovation.


 Can have maximum of two in a team.
Round 1: Guess the output (online/offline)
1. Prelims round consists of 10 questions which has to be answered in 30 minutes.
2. Members can be from different colleges.
3. Each question will consist of 5 marks.
4. The students will have to guess the output for the given questions.

Round 2: Debug the given code -“C & C++”
Top 10 teams from the first round will be qualified for the second round.
1. 10 questions will be given to the student and students will have to debug the programs.
2. Each question will carry 5 marks.
3. The questions will be given from “C” and “C++”

Round 3: Complete the code /Code for your bread
Top 5 teams from the second round will be qualified for the final round.
1. Team should either code the complete problem or code the incomplete code.


 Maximum 3 members in a team are allowed.

Selection Criteria:-
1) On spot topics will be given to the team.
2) 45 mins. will be given for the on-spot designing.
3) After designing the poster, participants have to present it.
4) The allowed format to present the poster is pptx., jpeg., jpg., png.
5) The students are supposed to market their innovative ideas and appeal to the judges.
6) Evaluation is based on design, creativity and marketing strategies.
7) Team can bring their laptops on their own risk.


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