LAVAZA 2k16, Vel Tech Dr RR and Dr SR Technical University, Techno Cultural Fest, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 18th - 19th March 2016

  • Category: Techno Cultural Fest
  • Start Date: 18th March 2016
  • End Date: 19th March 2016
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LAvaZA is an international technural extravaganza by Vel Tech University, Chennai. An yearly cultural event celebrated for the young sling engineering technocrat minds of the nation. Being Tech Fest is a Tag line, LAvaZA is an emotion. Self evoluting for the first episode, gathering of intellectual brains to form a healthier wealthier community. Gathering an expected 2000 stuents from all over the country for the cultural life of college, LAvaZA is one definite event you should be in. Hypnotizing muzik and mesmarizing dance performances are the star studded shows we galore. Flabbergasting events to be hosted on 18th and 19th of March, 2016. Technical events doped with intellectual participants from all round platforms are here to battle. Calligraphy & Graffitti could be your arena amidst other conventional wars on fine arts. Talkathon with no limits as marathon on technical domains and Tech Hunch by a team of expertise to win exotic prizes to be won. A billion stars shine in the galaxy and we stay as the milky way to host the human state. Amidst being human with 10000, quite a number to perform and outreach the best of you to the masses. Await for the best of you to be unleashed.
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♫.What It Is?
HARMONICS (Vocal Solo) occurs when an artist decides to vocally improvise during a song. They are marked by either intense and sudden crescendos or quick octave fluctuations.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛Duration of performance will be within 4 -6 minutes.
☛Maximum of two accompanists will be allowed.
☛Participants should bring their own karoke track.
☛The performance may be either in Hindustani or in Carnatic style.
☛Sufficient thought and care must be exercised in the choice of Raga and composition.
☛Performance will be judged on the basis of selection of Raga, taal, composition and general impression.
♫.What It Is?
The musical piece being played will alternate ensemble sections with solo sections. In the solo section one performer is playing either completely alone, or with unobtrusive accompaniment from the others. This shows off the skills of each performer, allowing the audience to appreciate the components that make up the team of players you are hearing. After each player had performed a solo, the ensemble returns to the original piece to finish. Common examples are the rhythm section of jazz bands, and quiet background music by other wind instruments.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Duration of performance 5-8 minutes.
☛ Maximum time for setting stage /instruments is 2 minutes.
☛ Maximum number of accompanists allowed is two.
☛ Participants must bring their own instruments.
☛ A standard 5 piece drum kit will be provided.
☛ No pre recorded tracks are allowed.
☛ The performance may be either in Hindustani or Western style.
☛ Performance will be judged on the basis of selection of Raga, Taal, composition and general impression.
♫.What It Is?
Light music is a generic term applied to a mainly British musical style of "light" orchestral music, which originated in the 19th century and continues until the present day. Its heyday occurred during the mid‑20th century.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Maximum of 8 participants per team and minimum of 3 participants.
☛ Maximum allowable time for setting stage will be 2 minutes.
☛ Maximum of two accompanists will be allowed.
☛ Duration of the song shall be 8-10 minutes excluding the setup time.
☛ Language is free of choice.
☛ Participants should bring their own instruments.
☛ A standard 5 piece drum kit will be provided.
☛ Performance will be judged on the basis of composition, rhythm, coordination and general impression.

♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ A maximum of 5 team members would be allowed.
☛ On the spot, theme will be given 5 minutes prior to start.
☛ Performance time of maximum 5 minutes would be provided.
☛ Performance time of maximum 5 minutes would be provided.
☛ Usage of obscene language is prohibited. Violators would be penalized
☛ Arbiters decision would be final.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ The participants are asked to bring their own digital cameras which are not more than 16 megapixels.
☛ The digital camera should have a memory card which will be formatted by the judges before the commencement of the competition.
☛ Maximum duration of 02 hours is permissible after the declaration of the theme.
☛ The participants should provide 5 best pictures taken on the theme declared.
☛ Editing the raw images from camera is strictly prohibited.
☛ Use of software such as Photoshop for enhancing images is strictly prohibited.
☛ The organizers will have all rights for the use of these pictures as and when deemed fit.
☛ Digital images are evaluated on the basis of (i) Impact (ii) Composition (iii) Technical Quality and (iv) Suitability to the given theme.
☛ Additional instructions will be announced on the spot.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Maximum number of participants allowed per team will be 2.
☛ Maximum duration will be 02 hours.
☛ The theme of the event would be declared on spot.
☛ Participants are supposed to bring their own material for carving. The necessary fruits & Vegetables are also supposed to be brought by the participating teams.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ The team may consist a maximum of 4 members.
☛ Theme of the competition would be based on flood, Tree & Good Vs Evil (or) On-spot theme.
☛ The teams are asked to be prepared from either of three given themes, out of which one would be given as a theme to work on.
☛ A maximum of 4 hours would be the duration of painting.
☛ Provided wall should be completely filled with the paint preferred by the team.
☛ Paint shall be of any form (Spray or Spread).
☛ Paint & Painting materials are asked to be brought by the participant teams.
☛ Obscene Hidden messages within the art will be penalized and dismissed.
☛ Representation of any form of words or names is strictly prohibited.
☛ Jury decision will be based on the variety of colors used, Mode of painting, Team participation, creativity & Discipline maintained during the process.
♫.What It Is?
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ A maximum of 5 member team would be allowed as a team to participate.
☛ Properties used in shadow art should be brought by the participants.
☛ Maximum performance time of 5 minutes per team will be allowed.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ No team play is allowed.
☛ SOLO performance on any theme of participant would be free of choice.
☛ Any material used in the art within the time duration should be brought by the participant.
☛ Usage of obscene language and sarcastic comments on the management OR government OR any personal being is strictly prohibited. Violators will be dismissed from the event.
☛ Crossing every second after 60 seconds time would be penalized with considerable amount of points.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ A maximum of 8 participants allowed per team.
☛ Theme of the competition will be free of choice.
☛ Theme music based on the chosen theme should be submitted to the registration desk 2 hours prior to the competition.
☛ A maximum of 8-10 minutes is allowed to perform on the stage.
☛ Clearing the stage within 2 minutes after performance is advised, crossing which will be penalized.
☛ Usage of obscene representation of any personal being is prohibited & crossing which will be dismissed from the event.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Maximum number of participants allowed per team will be 2.
☛ The Competition will be conducted on the spot and participants shall paint on the theme given by the juries of the competition.
☛ Maximum duration will be of 02 hours.
☛ Participants should bring their own material such as brush, paint and other materials.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ It is a Solo event.
☛ Participants should bring their own verities of pencils(H, 2H, 3H, HB, etc).
☛ A duration of 30 minutes would be provided to show your calligraphic skill on copying down a paragraph on the half printed sheet provided to the participant.
☛ Judgment on the competition strictly lies on the hidden parameters frames by the juries.
♬.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Maximum number of participants allowed per team is 3.
☛ Maximum duration is 02 hours.
☛ Theme of the event would be declared on-spot.
☛ Participants shall bring their own material. This art is known differently in different regions such as Mandna, Alpana, Alekhan, Kolam, Rangoli, etc. The medium and form of expression shall be free hand, pictorial and descriptive. Only one material shall be used – Poster Colours or Petals or Sawdust or Pulses or Rice without pasting.
☛ The participants shall have to prepare a Rangoli within the space of 6’x6’ as provided by the organizer.

♯.What It Is?
Folk dances are dances developed by groups of people that reflect the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region. Not all ethnic dances are folk dances; for example, ritual dances or dances of ritual origin are not considered to be folk dances. Ritual dances are usually called "Religious dances" because of their purpose.
♯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Maximum number of participants allowed per team will be 8.
☛ The team may only have a group of either boys or girls.
☛ Maximum of two accompanists will be allowed.
☛ The dance cannot be classical.
☛ Maximum duration of the performance will be 8 minutes.
☛ The responsibility of clearing the stage immediate after their performance lies with the team.
☛ Performance will be judged on the basis of rhythm, formation, expression, costumes, make-up, sets, overall effect and the discipline maintained on the stage(setting up & clearing the stage).
♯.What It Is?
classical dances are performed inside the sanctum of the temple according to the rituals called Agama Nartanam. Natya Shastra classifies this type of dance form as margi, or a soul-liberating dance. Dances performed in royal courts to the accompaniment of classical music are called Carnatakam. A Hindu deity is considered a revered royal guest in his temple, and should be offered all of the "sixteen hospitalities", among which are music and dance. The "sixteen hospitalities" please the senses.
♯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ The classical dance can be from any of the approved schools of dance such as Kathak, Kathakali, Bharat Natyam, Xatriya, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi, and any other classical dance forms.
☛ Maximum duration of the performance will be 08 minutes.
☛ Maximum number of accompanists allowed will be 05.
☛ Judgment will be based on the qualities like Taal, Technique, Rhythm, Abhinaya or Expression, Costumes, Footwork and general impression.

☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Selection rounds will be there.
• Per-elimination rapid session [20 question – 25 min.]
• Elimination session [50 question / 1:15 hr.]
• Final round (multiple ans. Question) [20question- 30min].
☛ Number of candidates in a group [ 3 (or) 4 member].
☛ Only basic question will be there.
☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Time period of:
☛ Number of candidates in a group [2 (or) 3 members].
☛ Single round game.
☛ Marks are awarded as per the approach of the candidates
• If their answer is 100% correct the full marks.
• If their approach is okay, then 75% of full marks.
• Or if the just rectified the area of error then 50% of full marks.
☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Extempore speech of max 5 minutes.
☛ Topics are provided as per their discipline or area of interest.
☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Number of candidates [2 (or) 3 members].
☛ Topics are as per the candidates .
☛ Size of poster should not exceed from A1.
☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Time period of:
☛ Number of candidates [ up to 3 members].
☛ Electrical/mechanical stuff for the reverse design.
☛ Software for designing
• Proteus
• Matlab
• Pspice
• Auto Cadd
• Catia
☯.Rules And Regulations:
☛ Size: At the start of a match the robot must fit into a square box of side 50 cm, with at max height of 1.5 feet. The design to stretch a robot.s body or its parts shall be allowed after a match has started, but must remain a single centralized robot.
☛ Weight: The robot weigh is of 10 KG or less (excluding the controls/wires).
☛ Robot Classes: Remote Controlled or Manual (Wired Control).
☛ Power Specifications: The robot must be self-powered, i.e., power supply must be on-board.
AC power supply will not be provided, except for charging your batteries (in the breaks only).
No limit for power supply.
☛ Selection Only Knock out round.
☛ The maximum dimension of the robot can be 30 x 30 cm (l x b).
☛ The robot may be wired or wireless.
☛ The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and wire
should remain slack during the complete run.
☛ Max weight must not exceed 3 kg.
☛ The power supply will be provided maximum up to 24Volt.
☛ Readymade toys car are not allowed.

Fest Guests

vijay sethupathi, Thaman, Robo Shankar and rana
(yet to confirm)

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Gathering Brain


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