Neuroconnect, Sastra University, National level Seminar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, 6th February 2016

  • Category: National level Seminar
  • Start Date: 6th February 2016
  • End Date: 6th February 2016
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'NeuroConnect' is a National level Seminar, conducted by the BioEngineering Department, School of Chemical and Biotechnology, SASTRA University on February 6,2016. The Seminar aims to bring to light the different facets of Neuroscience. This exciting field is a discipline that probes one of the last biological frontiers in understanding ourselves. As such, the field takes on a clear interdisciplinary character. It has been a field of
particularly active growth and progress for the past two decades, and it is ascertained to be an area where important and exciting developments will continue to occur. 

The lectures will be delivered by renowned Research Scientists and Doctors in the country covering various areas such as Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Cognitive Computing, Neural Networks, Neural Imaging and Brain Mapping. This seminar aims to encourage students to come up with new and innovative ideas in this fascinating field of Science.


1) EUREKA (Idea Presentation):
Have an Idea that can blow our minds?? Then all you need to do is this :
Form a team of 1 to 3. Pen a 250 worded abstract and mail it to us by January 20, 2016. Get a chance to showcase your idea on the day of the Seminar.

Create a Big Bang through your small lens. Become a Director.
Choose the face of Neuroscience that interests you the most. Lead a team of 2 to 4. Adapt it with a camera of your choice. Limit it to 1 to 2 minutes. Mail it to us by January 24, 2016. Get an opportunity to be screened at the Seminar.

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