Line Surfer '15, Vellore Institute of Technology, Robotics Event, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 26th October 2015

  • Category: Robotics Event
  • Start Date: 26th October 2015
  • End Date: 26th October 2015
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Line Surfer '15


This is all about making a line follower bot and optimising it for three rounds.
First round : Simple line following and judgement will be taken according to the time. The person with the lowest time wins.

Second round: There will be zig zag lines and the bot that reaches farthest will advance to the third round.

Third round: There will be a magneto (hand gesture bot) and we will ask you to place the magneto at a particular location for a gate to open. If you are unable to place the magneto at the right position the gates will get open when your line surfer bot will reach to a certain extend near to the obstacle(gate).whole system will be computerised and points will be judged by the computer .

Thing you should have for competition: line follower bot
Things we will provide: A magneto bot, arena


Line Surfer


Event Caption

Follow to Win

How to reach Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

The station closest to VIT University is Katpadi Station which is a 3-4 minute ride by an auto.

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