Alcheringa 2015, IIT Guwahati, Cultural Festival, Guwahati, Assam, 29th January - 1st February 2015

  • Category: Cultural Festival
  • Start Date: 29th January 2015
  • End Date: 1st February 2015
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Alcheringa 2015


Alcheringa is by far the largest cultural festival of North-East India and since its inception has entered its 19th edition. In a short span of nineteenth years, Alcheringa has grown exponentially and enjoys a mammoth footfall of over 60,000 and participation from over 300 colleges across India. Every year, Alcheringa has a theme; this year the theme is “Magnum Opus”. It seeks to explore the varieties of art and culture from various ages, and concludes how each of the phases of art are different, but equally beautiful – each a Magnum Opus on its own. It is these masterpieces that have taken the human race forward, and it is these masterpieces that Alcheringa celebrates this year. The major highlights of the fest are its pro-nites. The four nights each correspond to a different genre : Saaz – The Classical Night, Blitzkreig – The EDM Night, Crescendo – The Bollywood Night, Juggernaut – The Professional Band Night. Ustad Shujaat Khan, one of the most notable North Indian classical musicians of his generation, is all set to play at the opening night of the festival on January 29. Shujaat Hussain Khan is a sitar player of the Imdadkhani Gharana, has recorded over 60 albums and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album for his work with the band Ghazal with Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor. International DJs ‘Dzeko and Torres’ with an opening act by the Indian DJ Zaeden are the EDM highlights of Alcheringa 2015. Both these DJs will be playing the stage of Sunburn on 30th January. The Bollywood headliner of the festival is one of the biggest names in the Indipop industry - Lucky Ali. The final day of IIT-Guwahati’s Alcheringa Magnum Opus will be headlined by the Australian symphonic death metal band Ne Obliviscaris,” on February 1. Major additions to Alcheringa this year are Anime Con India – a celebration of the extremely trending Japanese-inspired anime culture, Model United Nations – that simulates actual councils of the United Nations, The North East Social Entrepreneurial Summit – to provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to share and discuss ideas that affect the North-Eastern states & The Quiz Fest, attracting notable quizmasters such as Major Chandrakant Nair. To promote the brands from the North East, Freshy, being a NE owned brand adds to the glory of the success in NE buisiness culture. Freshy, giving competition to other top brands of the sector, Alcheringa feels proud to associate with Freshy as the Official Beverage Partner of the festival as the part of the North East Unvieled.


Dance module: • raga High • Voice of Alcheringa • Unplugged Tarang(Music module): • electric heels • step up • so you think you can dance? • Navras • Nach Baliye Performing arts module: • Theatrix • Halla bol • Why So Serious? Fine arts modlue: • The Big PIcture • Ink The Tee • Strokes Of Genius • Comic Con • Rangoli Sports modlue: • 3 Vs 3 Basketball • 5 on 5 Football • Arm Wrestling Digital Arts module • Custom Brush • Minimal Poster • Snapthrillz • Director’s Cut • Doodle Pad Class Apart module • Rock-O-Phonix • Mr. And Ms. Alcheringa • Haute Couture • Crossfade • Roadies Alfaaz module • Just A Minute • Zephyr • Model United Nations • Shipwreck • Press Corps • Muse Informals modlue • Instant Khichdi • Hence Proved • Mystery Box • V J Hunt And Many more!

Pro Nites

1)Saaz 2)Crescendo 3)Blitzkrieg 4)Juggernaut

Event Caption

Magnum Opus



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