Techwings 14, Arjun College of Technology, Technical Fest, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 13th September 2014

  • Category: Technical Fest
  • Start Date: 13th September 2014
  • End Date: 13th September 2014
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Techwings 14


“TECHWINGS’14 – WINGS TO FLY FOR ENGINEERS” – INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL FEST is to create a healthy competition between students to improve their technical skills. It is not only to learn how to use new technologies but this is a platform for students to implement their new ideas in to live through various presentations & challenges. Techwings’14 was formed with the sole aim of bridging the gap between the institution and industry. The collaboration between ARJUN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY & LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd will organize various technical programs towards the enhancement of knowledge in latest trends & inventions in the engineering.We invite you to join us in exploring this brand new world! VISION: Techwings’14 strives for the realization of its vision by: To establish a broad understanding in the field of engineering and to fulfill the academic goals of the students and to enhance their innovative skills. To provide appropriate guidance for the students in their quest for higher knowledge To provide an opportunity for the promotion of extracurricular talents among students. To deliver valuable human resources to support college programs, and creating the awareness about the emerging technology. MISSION: The mission of the Techwings’14 has three tenets that center on the principle of improving lives and livelihoods: To create knowledge through research in the science and technology of engineering. To share knowledge through educational programs and the dissemination of our new discoveries. To develop the professional potential of students.


Cost Details: Paper Presentation (2 members per team) Rs. 1000.00 oftware Presentation (2 members per team) Rs. 750.00 Web portal development (2 members per team) Rs. 500.00 Android App Challenge (2 members per team) Rs. 500.00 Multimedia (2 members per team) Rs. 400.00 Designing (2 members per team) Rs. 400.00 ANDROID Apps – workshop (1 member) Rs. 350.00 Advanced .Net Programming (1 member) Rs. 350.00 INSTRUCTIONS & BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS: 1.Fee mentioned here is only for 2 members in events and 1 member for workshop. 2.Participation / winning Certificates will be given only to those who attend the fest. 3. For PAPER PRESENTATION: CSE – 3 Prizes IT – 3 Prizes ECE – 3 Prizes EEE- 3 Prizes Apart from 3 Prizes first 100(common to all departments) Best papers will be published in the JOURNAL -”INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TRENDS IN ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY” 4. For SOFTWARE PRESENTATION - Total 3 Prizes for each technology. Apart from 3 Prizes first 75 (common to all technologies) Best Project developers will be given INTERNSHIP at LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd. *Terms & Conditons apply from LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd. 5. For WEB PORTAL DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE – Total 3 Prizes. Apart from 3 Prizes first 10 Best WEB PORTALS will be on LIVE through websites for 1 year. 6. For ANDROID APP CHALLENGE - Total 3 Prizes. Apart from 3 Prizes first 20 Best APPS will be published on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. 7. For MULTIMEDIA & DESIGNING – Total 3 Prizes Apart from 3 Prizes first 25 (12 – MULTIMEDIA + 13 – DESIGNING) Best PARTICIPANTS will be given INTERNSHIP at LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd. *Terms & Conditions apply from LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd. 8. For ANDROID APPS WORKSHOP & DOT NET PROGRAMING WORKSHOP - Stationary Kit & Tools Kit will be given to each Participant.

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Wings to fly for Engineers



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