Moneta, RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Management Festival, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 6th - 9th December 2013

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  • Start Date: 6th December 2013
  • End Date: 9th December 2013
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Moneta is a national level financial market event organized by S. P. Mandali


Moneta endeavors to venture into different arenas of the financial market and introduce students to various aspects by creating virtual ‘real life’ situations through events, seminar and workshops. *EVENTS Moneta is adorned by intriguing events which bring about the best in the participants. **Bull Ring: It is a 3 day event flagged by virtual trading taking place through NSE’s dedicated trading terminals. This electronic trading platform gives the participants an opportunity to trade on the basis of various significant events which impact the financial markets. This trade is established on the basis of pre structured news circulating such as that of Mergers and Acquisitions, Period of Recession and Boom, Bank Failures, etc. **Black Gold: This event explores the field of commodity trading by entailing participants to trade commodities in the real world environment. The participants here get the opportunity to deal in the daunting commodity markets. **Synergies: Synergies is devoted to achieve the right combination of mergers in the corporate world. Synergies achieved to make the merger a successful one is a vital aspect of this event. **The CFO Challenge: The Chief Financial Officer is the financial backbone of an organization. This challenge incorporates all the demanding situations which a CFO confronts as well as the measures that the CFOs performance for the success of the company. **Battle of The Nation: This event of Moneta bestows a chance of being the financial planner of the nation. The integral facet of this event is the opportunity to analyze the country’s financial position, attract potential investors globally and thus make their nation the next Investment Hub. **Mutual Fund Challenge: The proficiency of the participants to market the entire concept of mutual funds and how it can be sold to prospective investors is evaluated in this event. **Financial Planner: This mid cap event is based on formulating the ideal portfolio for the client based on the client’s specifications in order to discover the most lucrative investment opportunities make the portfolio a flawless one. **The Contagion: The Contagion deals with participants building a debt policy to reinstate the debt-affected European nations back on the trail of stability and progress. The features of this event include decision making and financial planning based on the backdrop of the Euro Crisis. There are various other challenges where participants compete by way of group discussions and quizzes where their knowledge on varied fronts from company fundamentals to general trivia is tested effectively. *SEMINARS Moneta conducts various seminars wherein eminent speakers from the financial industry share their wisdom. Subjects such as capital markets, equities, commodities and derivatives, corporate social responsibility, venture capital and private equity, FOREX and currency markets, investment flows, aviation, real estate, wealth management, etc are enveloped by Moneta year after year. Some of our past celebrated speakers include: **Mr. G. N. Bajpai, Past Chairman – LIC & SEBI **Mr. Nirmal Jain, Chairman – IIFL **Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman & MD – Hiranandani **Mr. Anuj Puri, Chairman and Country Head - Jones Lang LaSalle **Mr. S. P. Tulsian, CEO & Editor - Premium Investments **Mr. Vallabh Bhansali, Chairman – Enam Group **Mr. Nilesh Shah, President, Corporate Banking – Axis Bank **Mr. Shuja Siddiqui, Head , Wealth Management - Motilal Oswal **Mr. AV Srikanth, Executive Director - Anand Rathi Investments **Mr. R Laxman, Director - Kotak PE The Panel Discussion ventures into prominent experts from the fields of finance, economics, political sciences and management contributing in an on-stage discussion and expressing their outlook about the core financial aspects. The Conclave is a congregation of noteworthy speakers from the field of finance and beyond who impart financial as well as non-financial knowledge to the audience in an intriguing 20 minute session per speaker. A few of the distinguished speakers from the past include Ms. Shaheen Mistri (CEO- Teach for India), Ms. Devita Saraf (CEO – Vu Technologies), Mr. Arvind Talekar (Respresentive – The Dabbawalahs of Mumbai.) *WORKSHOPS Workshops in Moneta are implemented to bridge the gap between events and seminars which participants can attend to reap simple yet fundamental knowledge about various financial stances. These aim at providing the much needed pragmatic perspective which nurtures the practicality of the subject. *LEARN INDIA INITIATIVE The Learn India Initiative resolves to impart financial literacy to those who have the inclination to learn but do not have enough access to the essential information and resource for the same. This project, undertaken by the students of R. A. Podar College, contributes in connecting villages to the modern world by conducting visits in over 100 schools and colleges in 4 Indian States. The chief attribute of this initiative is to fabricate the financial knowledge of such students thereby leading to further empowerment. Through this initiative, we, the students of Podar, will be visiting colleges across India spreading awareness and literacy regarding financial markets and the state of the economy. *REFERENCES ** - Official webpage ** ** ** ** **




Accommodation shall be provided only to College Contingent Participants coming from Outside Mumbai on the time priority basis of their registration. (Separate accommodation for Boys & Girls) Accommodation shall be provided only on prior notice on submission of the Registration Forms and Registration Fees by the CL / ACL by the due date: It should clearly specify the number of members that form the Contingent. (Indicating no. of Boys & Girls) These details shall have to be submitted by the CL / ACL latest by 24th November 2013. Accommodation in Mumbai shall be provided for the following duration only: 6th December 2013

How to reach RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, L. N. Road, Matunga (W), Mumbai - 400 019.

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