Zephyrus 2013, St Xaviers College Mumbai, , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 11th - 14th January 2013

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  • Start Date: 11th January 2013
  • End Date: 14th January 2013
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Zephyrus 2013


Traditionally, Management Was The Business Of Creation. Yet, In Today's Constantly Oscillating Corporate Scenario, It Has Become The Business Of The Fittest. Only The Most Adaptable, Most Versatile And The Most Innovative Survive. Zephyrus 2012, The Official Business Management Festival Of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, Brings You 10 Spectacularly Crafted Events That Will Put Your Skill And Gut Instinct To The Test. Management Student Or Not, You Won't Want To Miss This Line Up! The Festival Will Be Held On The 11th, 12th And 14th Of January, 2013. Please Get In Touch With Your College CL Or Just Register Online Now! Our Theme For Zephyrus 2012 Is


The Social Marketer: This Is A Completely Online Event And Will Require Contestants To Popularize A Product/Idea Online Through The Use Of Social Media. Judging Will Be Based On Quality And Creativity Of Posts, Updates, Tweets, Etc. Along With The Quantitative Aspects Of The Popularity. The Podium: Kicking Off This Year’s Zephyrus Will Be A Captivating Keynote On A Newly Emerging Attraction In The Field Of Business. Our Keynote Speaker Is A World Renowned Authority And Has Quite A Bit To Share. His/Her Identity, However And The Theme For The Keynote Will Only Be Revealed As We Get Closer To The Festival. Stay Tuned To Find Out More. Snatch And Sell: The Mock Stock Will Be A Simulation Of The Equity Market, Including Ipos And The Secondary Market. And Like Everything Else In The World Works, The Fate Of The Investors Depends On Demand And Supply Affected By The Information Given To The Investors. The B Factor: For Those Of You Well Versed In Corporate Affairs And Tons Of Bits Of Handy Business Information, This Event Is For You. Contestants Will Have To Survive Round After Round Of Questioning In Order To Win The Prize. At This Game, True Grit And Speed Are Essential. And Just To Make It Fun And Exciting, We’ve Thrown In A Few Curveballs Your Way. Colloquium: Zephyrus 2012 Gives You A Chance To Finally Think Clearly. Come, Have A Seat With Our Panel And Watch Them Debate And Discuss Issues That Impact And Involve Us All But Are Usually Decided Only By A Few. The Panelists And The Theme For The Discussion Will Be Revealed As The Festival Draws Nearer But We Promise You, The Topic Will Be Controversial, Perplexing And Will Have You Gripped To Your Seats Till The Very End. Football Fantasy: The Bms Department Of St. Xavier’s College Brings You Football Fantasy, A Unique Adaptation Of The Online Game Of The Same Name In A Huge Life Sized Model. But Of Course, We've Added Our Little Twists. This Game Combines The Two Most Important Aspects Of Any Sport; Managing The Game And Playing The Game. Those That Apply To Be Managers Will Be Given A Fixed Amount Of Token Money Which They Will Use To Bid On Actual Players That Will Display Their Skill Before The Bidding. The Manager Must Then Form A Team Of These Purchased Players And Come Up With Football Strategy To Defeat All Other Teams And Take Home The Prize. The Master Class: The Workshop Will Primarily Focus On Knowledge Addition On The Topic In A Holistic Approach. Students Get An Opportunity To Gain The Best Knowledge From The Best In The Field. Monopoly: Delve Into The Secrets Of The Life Sized Monopoly Board, As You Roam Block By Block, Collecting As Much Property As You Can Manage. Contestants Must Put Their Management Skills To The Test, Making Quick Business Decisions To Avoid Jail And Bankruptcy. Iwab - Ideas Worth A Billion [ Business Plan Event ]: Contestants Will Be Judged On Feasibility, Profitability And Innovation. This Business Plan Event Will Test The Soundness And Feasibility Of The Business Plans Submitted In The Real Life Corporate Scene. Do You Have What It Takes To Withstand Cut Throat Competition And Deliver Unique Value To Your Customers? If So, Why Don’t You Give This Event A Shot? Shipwrecked: Each Group Is Presented With An Identical Hypothetical Situation; I.E. They Are Stranded On A Boat With Only One Life Jacket. In Order To Claim The Life Jacket, Each Contestant Of That Group Must Defend Their Qualities And Justify Why They Truly Require The Life Jacket More Than All The Other Contestants. In Order To Add A Business Aspect To It, We Have Allotted Products, Organisations And Corporate Heads As The Themes To Be Defended. The Judge Will Then Award The Lifejacket To The Person Who Best Defends His/Her Allotted Theme. Participants Need To Be Well Versed In Corporate Affairs, Have A Creative Imagination And Ofcourse, A Flair For Words. In This Game, It’s Either Sink Or Swim. Masterblaster (Virual Cricket): Take A Hand At Batting Against The Best Bowlers In The Field (Virtual Of Course). This Event Takes Place At Smaaash, Lower Parel And There's Loads More Entertainment To Find! X2 The Smaaash Circuit (F1 Simulator): Think You Can Drive And F1 Car Better Than Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, And Kimi Räikkönen? Then Try The F1 Simulator And Get The Best Lap Time! This Event Takes Place At Smaaash, Lower Parel And There's Loads More Entertainment To Find!

How to reach St Xaviers College Mumbai

5, Mahapalika Marg, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai 400001

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