Upcoming Programming Competitions in College Fests, Events in February 2018.

16 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Programming Events
Two days Workshop with Hands-on Training on Internet of Things (IoT) using ARDUINO: Tools and Techniques
27 Feb 2018
Kongu Engineering College

DAY 1 session:-
• Essential attributes on Internet of Things
• Exploring ARDUINO for Internet of Things
• Developing, testing and debugging using ARDUINO IDE v1.6.5
• Project design using Arduino Simulation design suite v1.0.1
• Interacting with the Outside World Using Simple I/O devices
 Serial Interfacing with ARDUINO
 LEDs, Switch & Buzzer Interfacing
 LCD Interfacing & Relay Control
 Seven Segment Display Interfacing
 Stepper Motor/DC motor Interfacing
 Interfacing Temperature Sensor
 Interfacing Gas/Smoke/Flame sensor
 Interfacing PIR Sensor for Motion detection

DAY 2 session:-
• Implementation of IoT using ARDUINO
• IoT Programming for Wifi module ESP8266
• Configuring wifi module for web access
• WEB: Uploading sensor data and monitoring the sensor reading in a cloud through internet
• Controlling Devices from HTML webpage

Two Day Workshop on Programming of Arduino using Labview 2018
01 Mar 2018
Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

 Understand Data flow Programming principles.
 Designing simple Virtual instruments using structures.
 Implementing design patterns for practical problems.
 Working with LabVIEW projects.
 Interfacing the LabVIEW with Arduino
 CLAD preparation tips.

RIT Raspberry Jam 2018
02 Mar 2018
Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology

Introduction & Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
Python Programming Language
Raspberry Pi GPIO Access
I/O and Sensors Interfacing (Hands On)
Interfacing Display Devices
Interfacing to Think Speak Cloud(Hands On)
Building an IoT application using Pi

02 Mar 2018
Chennai Institute of Technology

1.Project Expo
2.Paper Presentation
3.Technical Quiz
4.Engine Assembly
5.RC Race
6.Robo War
7.PLC Programming (workshop + event)
8.Arduino Programming (workshop + event)

Research Issues in Embedded Robotics 2018
02 Mar 2018
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College

Embedded Systems and its Application in Robotics.
ARM Processor Architecture and Programming
Introduction to Robotics and its Application.
Kinematics of Robotics and Robo Analyzer.
Mobile Robotics, Multi robot Co-ordination & Control

Two days workshop on CNC Tooling, Programming and Operations 2018
02 Mar 2018
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

 Axes designation & coordinate systems
 Structure of part program, Basic G & M codes
 Tool offsets & Tool nose radius compensation
 Writing part programs using basic G / M codes
 Introduction tooling for CNC machining.
 Hands On Training in FANUC Trainer Kit
 Part Programming for CNC Turning and milling
 Hands on Training on CAM Software’s
 Practical Session on GEDEE Weiler TC
 Practical Session on CNC LME JV 55 Milling Centre

Two day hands-on workshop on Fundamentals of MATLAB for Beginners
05 Mar 2018
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

• Basic features and commands of MATLAB
• Strengthening the knowledge in MATLAB based Programming
• MATLAB Programming for solutions to Electric Circuits and Control Systems
• Simulink model of Electric Circuits, Power Electronics and Control Systems

09 Mar 2018
Excel Engineering College

MIND SWEEPER(Programming)

09 Mar 2018
University College of Engineering Osmania University

PRASTHUTHI-Paper Presentation
PRADARSHANA-Poster Presentation
MEDHA-Programming Quiz
CHANAKYA-Business Quiz
SHIKSHANA-Guest Lecture
YANTRA-Robotics Chamionship
KRITHI-Project Presentation
TRISHNA-Technical Quiz
LAGHUCHITRA-Short Film Contest

PIC Programming and Sensor Interfacing Workshop
11 Mar 2018
Engineering Forum

One Day Workshop on :

PIC Programming & Sensor Interfacing Workshop

Workshop Contents...

Check Out Session Highlights Below ...
Intro To The Internet Of Things
Basics Of Sensors & Actuators
Pic-Microcontroller Platform
Board Layout & Architecture
Reading From Sensors
Session Highlight :

Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values.

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Center for Continuing Education Certificate Course on Programming Embedded Systems
12 Mar 2018
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

Embedded C Programming using Microcontrollers:
8051 Microcontroller, ARM Microcontroller, Raspberry Pi development board
Communication Protocols: Bluetooth module, GSM/GPS module, WiFi module
Sensors and Interfaces:
PIR Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors and GPIO interfaces
Cloud Integration using Raspberry Pi 3

Aparoksha 2018
16 Mar 2018
IIIT Allahabad

Aparoksha ’18 has a plethora of intensive and gripping technical events which attract participants and audience from technical circles all over the country. Flagship events include:

Hack In the North, the largest student held Hackathon in North India organised by GitHub and TopCoder .

Gray Hound, a national level quizzing event organised across various schools and colleges in all parts of the country. Nova, a national level design contest for all the Machiavelli’s of the digital era.

Tech Tour, an initiative taken by the Technical Society of IIIT Allahabad to conduct workshops and talks in various colleges in order to increase technical awareness and build enthusiasm of people from all backgrounds of Science.

Topbot, the flagship Robotics contest of Aparoksha ‘18 caters to the hunger of robogeeks with captivating themes like Bolt Hurdle Race and JARVIS.

FragFest, one of the most anticipated events of Aparoksha is every gamer’s asylum, seeing participation in the hundreds every year comes together this year as an overnight onstage gaming event in the format of the big leagues.

TopCoder Humblefool Cup,a 2-tier ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) style national level coding contest organised in honor of Harsha Suryanarayana, an alumnus of IIIT Allahabad, who was one of the greatest coders India has ever produced.

Apart from core technical events, Aparoksha ’18 boasts of riveting quizzes, movie screenings, a much awaited Comedy Night and to end it all, a grand after party.

National Students Convention NSC 2018
16 Mar 2018
Bharati Vidyapeeths Institute of Computers Applications and Management
New Delhi

Web Development
IT Quiz
Photo Hunt
Poster Making
Street Play
Race Against Time
LAN Gaming
Beg Borrow Steal
Communicating Coders
Gully Cricket
Human Snake & Ladder

Real Time Applications using LabVIEW with Arduino 2018
16 Mar 2018
PSG College of Technology

PSG-NI Virtual Instrumentation Centre is a collaborative centre started in the year 2000 by PSG College of Technology and National Instruments (NI), USA which is the first centre in India in the field of Virtual Instrumentation. Intensive training programmes and short term courses on LabVIEW Programming are continuously organized by the centre for the students and faculty of engineering colleges and professionals from research organizations and industries. The centre also organizes research workshops in the fields of control systems, machine vision and image processing. The centre received Best Graphical System Design Lab award when the award was first instituted by NI.

TecQuora 2k18
16 Mar 2018
Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology

2)#include- Programming
3) Master mind-blowing best manager
4) Brainteaser- Quiz
5) clash off consoles- gaming
6) inframe - photography

27 Mar 2018
College of Engineering Roorkee

GIGABIT: C Programming Event
KQUIZ: General Knowledge Quiz
CODEX: Website Designing
PRAYOG: Model Making Event
ROBOSYNC: Robotics Contest
BLITZKRIEG: Management Games
PIONEER: Business Plans

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