Football Competitions in College Fests, Events in January 2017.

12 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Football Events
Talentime 33
27 Jan 2017
School of Management Studies Cochin University of Science and Technology

Management Events : Mr./Ms. Talentime (Best Manager), Marketing Game, HR Game, Finance Game, Treasure Hunt.
Cultural Events : Theme Show, Adapt Tune, Raagam, DJ Competition
Sports and Games : Football 3's and FIFA'16

27 Jan 2017
Sardar Patel College of Engineering

1. Robo Tricks:

Robowars –
The clash of beast machines and well planned strategies will determine the true winner in this combat of bots! Use your wits to prepare ferocious warriors and pit them against your rivals to either stand victorious or succumb to an inglorious defeat! It is time to feel the adrenaline rush while listening to the sweet sound of metals clanking and bots crushing each other in a deadly battle!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 100,000/- !!

Sardar Patel Robotics Challenge (SPRC) –
Another major robotics competition under SPECTRA, it is basically a test of coordination between a manually controlled and an autonomous robot, which coordinate to complete a given task in stipulated time. With the gameplay revolving around a compelling theme, SPRC, in its third instalment, promises to be a perfect platform for the noobs and pros in robotics to test their competency on the same arena!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 40,000/- !!

Winning the race means getting the best out of yours, so put yourself on the line in a race and expose yourself to the unknown! Make a wireless remote controlled machine powered by only an IC engine, which can race against other opponent on an off road dirt track with many obstacles.
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 30,000/- !!

Sumo Bots –
Who needs to visit Japan for a thrilling Sumo Wrestling fight? Sumo Bots promises to offer the thrill of the bout, not between humans, but ingeniously built heavy robots, determined to push the opponent bot out of the arena!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 8000/-

Monster Arena –
Run your bot to complete the track comprised of hurdles and obstacles. A good test of your controlling skills, Monster Arena is an event you can’t afford to miss if you love to tread on the thrilling way!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 7000/-

Line Follower –
Build an autonomous robot which can follow a white line and keep the track of directions while going through the maze and complete the path in shortest time. Testing your competency in line following skills, Line Follower is an event which any beginner in robotics must try!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 7000/-

Aqua-Drifter –
If the bots that maneuvre on land seem stereotypical to you, then Aqua Drifter gives you an opportunity to build aqua-bots and test them on water!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 5500/-

Robo Soccer –
Bringing alive the Football spirit, Robo Soccer is a platform for participants to showcase their robotics talent and controlling skills through a match of soccer between bots! Build a manually controlled bot capable for the task aimed at testing the hitting of ball and bot control.
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 5000/-

Tech-Maze –
It is basically a fun event, where all you have to do is to operate a remote controlled bot across the maze, but not so simply though! From a team of two, the blindfolded controller would just hear the instructions from his partner to solve the maze!
For complete details and registration:
Cash Prize of Rs. 200/- for a successful completion of the path.

2. Techno Nerds:

Technical Paper Presentation –
Choose from a myriad of subjects pertaining to the technical field and present a succinct yet gripping paper on the topic that strikes your fancy. Corroborate your unique idea with adequate research and showcase your skills at SPECTRA 2k17!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 30,000/- !!

Tech Quiz –
A technical quiz competition.

Clash of Brains –
Think outside the box and grab exciting prizes!

3. Tech Expo:

Contraption –
Contraption, the amazing and mind baffling stream of mechanisms, all working hand in hand, and setting up a great show before everyone is back again! Putting up a still bigger show with a greater set-up this year, be there to watch this great chain reaction at SPECTRA 2k17!
For complete details:

Project Exhibition –
An opportunity for innovative ideas to get showcased and appreciated on the platform of SPECTRA.

4. Build It Up:

Constructo –
Showcase your knowledge regarding construction of bridges and ability to design them in an efficient way. Get ready to truss your bridge!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 5000/-

Town Planning –
This event provides you with a platform to prove your logical thinking in making a smart city. So people, grab the opportunity to show your smartness in Town Planning, as many colorful prizes await for thee!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 4000/-

Paper Skyscrapers –
Time for all the budding Civil Engineers to think out of box and build their own Burj Khalifa. So, put on your thinking caps and build high-rise buildings with the given resources!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 4000/-

Rope Climber –
Design a bot that will successfully climb the rope to success!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 3500/-

Time for Straws –
A fun event, where you will be tested to construct a truss using minimum straws in minimum time!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 3500/-

House of Cards –
A fun event meant for all, just use your steady hands and a bit of patience to make a house of cards and grab exciting prizes!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 2000/-

Junkyard Wars –
It’s time to convert trash to treasure! Put of creativity in engineering and innovation, and be the scrapheap king by completing the given challenge in limited resources and limited time.
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 1500/-

Circuit Making –
Test your knowledge in basic electronics circuit making through this event.

5. Virtual Arena:

Civil-A-CAD –
A creative event which provides the students a platform to showcase their imagination, designing skills and knowledge on AutoCAD, here’s a chance for you to sharpen your skills, show-off your talent and ace!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 4500/-

CAD Challenge –
Come up and show off your skills in AutoCAD and to be amongst the winners, accept all the challenges that come your way!
For complete details and registration:
Prizes Worth: Rs. 3500/-

03 Feb 2017
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology

Events to happen in CONVERGE 2017
• JIIT Youth Marathon – Run for Girl Child
• Mr. and Miss Converge
• Crusade – War of Bands
• Acoustica – Solo Singing
• Rihaa – Street Play
• Poise – The Fashion Show
• Groove – Western Group Dance
• Sabrang – Indian Group Dance
• JIIT Youth Conference – MUN Based Event
• Literary - Debating and Extempores
• Programming Competitions
o Code Flux – An ACM-ICPC Styled Programming Contest
o Code Fight – Time Matters
o Code – In – Less
• Robotics Competitions
o Shaolin Soccer
o Grab the Cheese
o Clash of Clans
• Sports
o Cricket
o Football
o Badminton
o Lawn Tennis
o BasketBall
o Table Tennis
o Volley Ball
• Informal Events

XLerate 2017
10 Feb 2017
XLRI Xavier School of Management

Management Events - Are you a leader? Here is a chance to prove it by participating in our Case-study Competitions, Marketing Competitions, Business Case Study Analysis, Thought Leadership on Digitalization and Quizzes of different specialisations of Operations, BizTech, Marketing & Finance.

Sports - Get ready to have fun and play different games from Cricket to Chess, Badminton to TT, Tennis to Pool, Volleyball to Carroms, Football and Basketball.

Cultural - The stage is set to showcase your talent in our events of Solo singing, Group singing, Solo dance, Group dance, Stage play, Photography contest etc.,

Apart from these, there are also other attractions like Laser tag, Go-karting, Paint ball etc.,

15 Feb 2017
Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology

Hit it to win it(robo-bowling)
RoboCup(Football) FIFA'17
Paper Presentation
Poster Presentation
Quantum Code
Blind Coding

Petrocup 2017
16 Feb 2017
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Football (Boys/Girls)
Kabaddi (Boys/Girls)
Cricket (Boys)
Volleyball (Boys/girls)
Basketball (Boys/girls)
Athletics (Boys/Girls)
Taekwondo (Boys/Girls)
Kho-Kho (Boys)
Table-Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Lawn-Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Badmintion (Boys/Girls)
e-sports (FIFA17,CS1.6,mini militia)

MNIT Sports Festival
17 Feb 2017
MNIT Jaipur

MSF Walk Marathon,
Our event for Social cause - "Spreading Smiles through Sports"
Sports Events:
Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess, Gymnasium.
Cultural Events:
Nukkad Natak, Flash Mob, Street Play, Musical nights, Celebrity nights, Band Performance, DJ night etc..

ONYX 2k17
20 Feb 2017
College of Engineering Poonjar

computer science
*Code debugger
*Droid warrior
*Junkyard wars
*Digital painting
*Soil sport
*Bomb diffuser
*Digital lock
*Circuit debugger
General event
*Vishual choreography
*Music maker -dj war
*3s Football
*Battle of bands
Key Events
*Star of onyx
*Tech jam
*Lab hunt
*Paper presentation
*Project expo
Online events

Spardha 2017
23 Feb 2017
JK Lakshmipat University

Table Tennis
LAN Gaming
Fun Games

Aatmatrisha 2017
03 Mar 2017
PES University

J.A.M, Debate, Spin a tale, Wordpourri, Undeniable Truth, Engineering Spell Bee, General Quiz, India Quiz, Sci-Biz-tech, FLAMES, GOT quiz, Banglore Quiz, Cricket Quiz, Peter Quiz, 90's theme quiz, Scam quiz, Face Painting, Doodling, Art Race, Pencil Sketching, Roadies, Sherlock, Amazing race/Takeshi’s castle, Futsal, Hogathon, Counterstrike, FIFA, Theme related games, Minute to win it, Indian Dance, Western Dance, Street Dance, Duet Dance, BATTLE OF BANDS, FUSION BAND, WESTERN ACOUSTICS, CLASSICAL SOLO(VOCAL), CLASSICAL SOLO(INSTRUMENTAL), Stage Play, Mime, Mono-act, Coding Event, Hackathon, Pokemon Go, Welcome to HOGWARTS, Fantasy Football, The Dexter's lab, Twisted Poker, Create And Combat

Sangharsh 17
24 Mar 2017
Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology

For Boys - Cricket, Football & Handball
For Both Boys and Girls - Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton & Table-Tennis

08 Apr 2017
College of Engineering and Management Kolaghat


1 Wrestleobotics
2 Speedobotics
3 Autonomous
4 Parking the Bot
5 Maze Runner
6 Galactic Football
7 Sea Hunter

1 Need For Speed
3 Counter Strike

1 Circuit Theory
2 Photography
3 Bridge Desighining
4 Finger Painting
5 Java
6 Suduku
7 Quiz
8 Short Flim
9 Debate
10 Spell B
11 Paper presentation
12 Coding
13 Bug Hunting
14 Chess
15 Rubics Cube

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