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22 Dec 2017
GITAM University




How good are you at technical terms without any clues?

In this game, the participants will be given a few jumbled technical terms which they have to work out and rewrite the correct term and arrange them into a crossword. The twist is that, no clues will be given to fill the crossword. Participants have to figure out by the number of letters in each word and fill in the crossword to complete the game.


Great female personalities have been responsible for the technological developments and inventions of today’s tech world. Find out how well aware you are of them by taking this quiz about some of the amazing women who have made innovations which resulted in a revolution.


How quick are you under pressure? Find out in this game of fastest finger first where time plays a very crucial role.


Test out your coding instincts.

● If you have amazing coding skills, then this game is for you.

● Participants will be divided into pairs and will be given a computer program.

● There will be a time limit in which they will have to execute the program by using proper algorithm.

● The pair which executes the program within the given time limit without any errors, wins.


Prepare for the unpredictable.

● This game is played with the help of a wheel which consists of technical topics with a pointer attached at the center.

● The wheel is spun by the participant. The corresponding topic at which the wheel stops by the pointer will be given to the them.

● The participant has to provide at least one of the five main characteristics of the topic for one point and they should earn at least 25 points under one minute.


If science is your passion, then you should definitely take part in this exciting event.

● Just use your creativity and capture the moments that look scientific to your eye. It could be about anything, as everyone has different views.

● Capture anything scientific that interests you. It could be from everyday phenomena as well.

● All you need to do is concentrate and capture. Think out of the box and come up with a brief write up explaining your click.


Do you love making remote control cars? Check how good your car is.

Design your own mini RC car(wired/wireless) and find if it is the best by letting it go one on one with its contenders. So gear up guys and go vroom with your brainchild! Agile anticipation and coordination of fingers can get the job done as time plays a pivotal role here.


Want to present and voice out your ideas? Then this is your chance.

The participants can come up with his/her favourite aspect in the field of technology and present it in the form of a PPT.

The presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.



Do you have amazing memory power? Find out how well you can remember things.

This event consists of two rounds and a powerpoint presentation about great female personalities. After playing the presentation, students will be divided into a couple of batches.

● The first round consists of three quizzes on different topics which will be chosen through lucky draw.The topics are fastest finger first(arranging states of India from left to right), movies, technical knowledge, mythology, etc. Each quiz will consist of 8 questions and each correct answer carries one point.

● After getting confused enough, the next round begins. The second round has questions related to the presentation which was shown at the beginning of the event. Each correct answer carries two points.

● That’s not all. After each quiz of the first round, there will be a surprise. The leading team of each quiz will get the surprise box which consists of either extra points or headlines.


Solving problems is always a challenge, but when a group is working together to puzzle out, you can surely get the best solution. Now, it is your turn to solve something really fun.

● In this game, the floor is very attractively filled with squares. Most of the squares are black and white and some have different options.

● One member of the team is blindfolded while the other member needs to look into the selfie camera of his mobile standing in the opposite direction and guide his/her team mate to the end of the floor.

● When the participant is led to a box that is neither white nor black, there will be a special command in there like “take back 2 steps” or “go ahead 3 steps” or “get back to the starting”.


Let the games begin! Experience the Five-combo set which include the following.

● Typo Accuracy

Do you still remember how to use the “Old Phones”? Test yourself.

In this game, the participants will be given a phone which has an “Old Phone” keypad instead of a qwerty keypad. You will be given a topic or a message and a time limit. Using the old phone, you have to type the message with correct spellings, good punctuation and highlights wherever necessary within the given time.

● Minute to Win it.

The perfect game to find out how quick and perfect you are under pressure.

Participants will be given a number of tasks and one minute to complete them. The one who completes all the tasks within one minute wins.

● Blow your lungs

Use your lungs instead of your hands.

In this game, participants will have to lift plastic glasses with the help of a balloon by keeping it in their mouth and blowing it inside the glass to lift it and keep it onto another table in one minute.

● Balance the whiff whaff

Do you have shaky hands? If you don’t then this game is for you, and if you do, then it is much more fun.

In this game, few ping pong balls will be placed on compact disks. These disks have to be placed on top of a bottle by balancing the balls without touching them within the given time.

● Bounce into the cup

Find out how well you are in getting the target.

There will be a couple of empty drink cups placed on a table at a distance. The participants will have to throw ping pong balls into the cups with just one bounce. The participant who successfully fills all the cups with a ball each in the given time wins.


Try to speak without getting confused, because this game can mess up your brain.

● In this game, participants will be divided into two batches and will be given a topic.

● One batch has to speak in favour to it, and the other batch has to speak against it.

● This is unlike the conventional debating. After five minutes of debating, the judge will give a command “switch” then the speakers should toggle between “for” and “against”.

● The judge keeps repeating this command every five minutes as the speakers continue to switch between them without getting confused.

TECHNICAL Dumb Charades

Are you bored of the casual games? Try this new themed Dumb Charades.

● Technology when combined with entertainment can light you up. Here's one such technical event.

● One of the participants will be given a simple circuit or a component on which they should act upon to convey it to their fellow members and complete the circuit in the stipulated amount of time.

● The team members should be able to guess the circuit within the given time.
As time plays a crucial role in this game, the team that takes least amount of time to complete the circuit will be declared as winners.

Want to go on a quest and recreate the uncharted? Then this is your forte!!

● With a team of 5 , this event would provide an ample scope to bring out the hidden "Indiana Jones" in you.

● The first round is the riddle round , where a participant from every team picks up a chit kept in a bowl at random. This chit consists of a riddle that has to be solved within the stipulated time. The teams that take the least time proceeds to the next round.

● The second round consists of a number of marking flags, out of which a flag contains the QR code that discloses the location to the next round. The team finding this proceeds to the next round.

● The third round proves to be a real fix .Each team is provided with some clues and they have to fill in the blanks left on the venue with the missing pieces, the team that does this in the minimum time paves a way to the final round.

● The final round is like a rapid fire round. The participant is seated and a question is asked. With the team’s assistance when the question is answered , the volunteer gives a number to the team . This continues till the 5 questions are done ,and once the team obtains the 5 numbers and arranges it according to the timely instructions , it is taken as the final title winner.

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