Debugging Competitions in College Fests, Events in March 2017.

4 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Debugging Events
25 Mar 2017
Kingston Engineering College

Paper Presentation
Mind carving

Android Application Development Workshop
27 Mar 2017
Kodaikanal Christian College

Introduction to Android
Android Architecture
Creating an Activity
Deployment of Toast application
Android Manifest File
Application using Intents
Application using Broadcast

Xtreme 17
06 Apr 2017
KS Rangasamy College of Technology

Line follower
CAD modelling
Paper presentation
Robo soccer
Sumo war
Circuit Debugging
Nitro drift(RC Race)
Maze solver
Project presentation
Robo race
and Fun events

Colloquium 2k17
07 Apr 2017
Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology

1. ACME Paper Presentation
2. Best Engineer
3. Business Idea presentation
4. Line following robot
5. General Quiz
6. Online coding
7. Treasure Hunt
8. Spot photography
9. Mannequin challenge
10. Groupfie contest
11. Engine assembly
12. Auto Quiz
13. Industrial Problem solving
14. Talent test on Biotechnology
15. Building toy car powered by chemical reactions
16. Playing with chemical reactions
17. Circuit Debugging
18. Soldering
19. Technical maze solving
20. Circuit Debugging
21. Circuit troubleshooting
22. Electrical Debugging
23. Electrical task solving
24. Generate electricity from junk
25. Logical Gates puzzle
26. Bridge making
27. Arch making
28. Tower construction
29. Auto-CAD
30. Civil Engineering Quiz
31. Campus sketch making
32. Best Civil Engineer
33. Program Debugging
34. Typing speed test
35. Photoshop contest
36. LAN Gaming
37. Spot Events and Informal

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