Debate Competitions in College Fests, Events in October 2017.

4 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Debate Events
Rhetorica 2017
27 Oct 2017
Mody University of Science and Technology

Events to be organized:
• Model United Nations Conference
Committee: UNHRC, NATO, UNGA-DISEC, Lok Sabha
Debate Competition (Hindi and English)
• Just A Minute (JAM)
• Spell Bee
• Story Writing
• Word Stroke
• Talk Sessions with Distinguished Prodigies

UDAAN 2017
30 Oct 2017
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology

Rc Plane, Water Rocketry, Glider, Paper Presentation, Kite Runner, Aviation Quiz, Debate, Treasure Hunt, Funk from Junk, Paper Plane, Mini Militia.

15 Nov 2017
School of Management Studies Nagaland University

1. Biz Quiz
2. Mad-Ads
3. Business Plan
4. Beat Contest
5. Mr. & Miss Zoommax
6. Just Dance
7. Debate
8. Mock Interview
9. Extempore Speech
10. Panel Discussion
11. Solo
12. B-Box
13. ZOOMMAX Race
14. Painting
15. Essay
16. Photography
17. Snap it.

Taarangana 2018
02 Feb 2018
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
New Delhi

Major Events during Taarangana are broadly classified into PRO NIGHTS, PRIME EVENTS and a variety of FUN EVENTS.
Prime Events -
Urban Thump : Gripping performances by energetic Dance crews, matching their footsteps to the best western beats.
Synnove : Appeasing to the soul, enthralling to the eyes while solo/duet performances steal your wits and cries!
Knights of The Fall : Surrendering to the rhythm in their veins, Bands battle against each other to earn the most coveted victory title.
Mr. and Ms. Taarangana : Blending the features of a Talent Hunt and a Beauty Pageant, this competition favours the search for the most desirable individuals.
Aaghaz : Where words meet wisdom and, wisdom is translated through actions ­ Street Play competition with teams focusing on various social issues.
Lilac Dreams : Style, Confidence and Costumes are the major three keys to success in the most chic event of the fest, the very famous Fashion Parade.
Digital Art : Fingers linger around the most famous design softwares, to transform a given picture into a marvel.
Creative Writing : Given a detailed setting, take time,innovate and fortify a piece with your Shakespearian instinct and imaginative writing.
War of the words : Mighty words clash and opinions staged, because it is no joke but Debate!
Antraa : Music has a way of healing your soul. A singing­in­group competition that will revive your spirit in melody and music.
Anhad : Swing to the beats of student singing sensations, competing against each other in the final solo/duet showdown.
Monochrome : Jumble and juggle with three colours to make a breathtaking master piece. Out of the three, two are decided ­ black and white but, what will the third be!
Thread Art : Minimal prop of a thread will decide, if you are capable to create a magnificient marvel of pride.
Choreo : Step up in style and groove to the beats you like. Set the theme as your mood and, perform to be the star & impress the crowd.

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