Upcoming Case Study Competitions in College Fests, Events in March 2018.

1 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Case Study Events
Osmoze 2018
06 Apr 2018

Chem-E-Boat : One of the brand new events of Osmoze, Chem-E-Boat will be serving as an opportunity for engineering undergraduates to construct a small-scale boat powered by an unconventional source of chemical energy.

Adhyayan : A management event, Adhyayan is dedicated to the adroitness of Case Study. Involving solutions that entail stipulating the organizations' objectives, burgeoning policies and simultaneously outlining plans to achieve them, Adhyayan provides one with an opportunity to showcase analytical skills.

Rachna : Catering to the perpetual need to optimize the design and operating conditions of industrial processes, Rachna is an event focused on designing and optimization by considering both financial and environmental aspects in verticals of process design, process control, model development and real-time augmentation.

Udyog : In this event students muster all their technical knowledge and creativity to come up with an economically feasible solution to challenging industrial company problem, Udyog is a real-life event providing loads of firsthand experience on industrial operations.

Pradarshan : The event is envisaged to provide a unique platform to the participants of numerous academic institutions to share their thoughts and views on various areas of scientific research. It provides you an opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas turning into action. Selected abstracts will be invited for an oral presentation of their work over a panel of experts and professors who will offer a critique for each presentation.

Chem-E-Debate : A tinge apart from mainstream technical knowledge, Chem-e-debate brings to you an opportunity to showcase debating skills on topics such as environment and ecology, safety and ethical practices in Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Quiz : An experience which challenges wit and requires grit to conquer; with every topic under Sun at stake: The Gopal Tripathi Memorial Quiz promises to be a nail-biting affair with the winner acquiring the much-deserved bragging rights.

ChemX : Inspired by the world-popular Ted Talks, ChemX features Entrepreneurs and game-changers in the industry from all over the world to share their experience and wisdom in a crisp-20 minutes talk by each person. The pile of wisdom and endless oppurtunities for interaction make this a must see event.

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